Sunday, June 27, 2010

can't find any changes

it was a very very long time. but, does anyone see this??
anyway, this doesn't do any changes. ahhh so i still think this is very simple blog site.
it's time to bed, but it just a saturday...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Terrible meeting

It was last week, 1 Feburuary, the terrible day. I was in the shabue-shabue restaurant in the HyeHwa with someone. The someone was the girl some brother introduced to me that day. She was 21 years old, student of Seoul Women Univ and a bussiness administration major. Actually she was not pretty much, but I felt that was enough to satisfying me. (But not the bosom. Tha was AA size I think...)

Anyway she was very differnt kind of girl from I have ever met before. It makes me difficult to talking. And she was very cynical person. It makes me more harder.

Before the meeting, she told me she had to come home at 11pm. She might think that was not enough time. But in the meeting, she want to come back to home ASAP. So we met 6pm but break it up at 8:30!!!

After the meeting, I sent a SMS to her like this - 'Did you arrived at home? It was pleasure meeting by you!' (even if it was terrible actually...) After the long long time she replied. 'I arrived well. Take a rest.'

But... that was the last reply from her.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yesterday, I realize...

Yesterday, I realize that I could be drunk by beer because I never such amount before. Usually, I don't like the feeling in my throat when I swallow beer and I feel too full when I drink beer. So I prefer to drink soju rather than beer. However, I didn't eat dinner yesterday and beer that I drank was kind of mild, so I drank 10 cups(400ml a cup) of beer. In fact, my stomach got disordered while I was sleeping after I got back home and I got up because of that. Unfortunately, I didn't have a pill for stomach disorder and I had to just wait till my stomach got better. After 2 hours later, it was 6 o'clock at that time, my stomach got better and I ate rameun to relax my drunkness.

It's been long time that I wrote an article here as well, I cannot see one single passage for10 days. So I want your participation because this is the space where we are making. So come on.^^

Monday, July 28, 2008

I got a bad cold.

I got one more thing. Worst cold in 10 years of my life. But it's not because I'm cold. You know this is summer. Is it cold weather?? Absolutely not. Then, how I got a damn cold?? Military camp gave me that. A damn present. The camp was filled with very bad air and dust. I finished training at last week, but I think it's getting worse. I have enough rest and sleep but it hasn't recovered yet.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I got google check.

Finally, I got $100 check from google. I earned it by google adsense program, and this is the first and last time. Why this is the last time? Because it's very hard to earning money from blog. So It is very little amount of money, though I did that about one year!

By the way, I'm very miss because there's one problem. I have to exchange this check to Korean money. So I need to go to bank. The banks open at morning and close at early evening. (And in weekends, bank doesn't open for business). That time, as you know, I have to work in my office. But there's one way... If I skip the lunch, I can go to bank in lunch time. Isn't it silly?

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I went to see surroundings of Iwha women's university. (Of course, I didn't try to go in the Iwha women's university.) Actually, that is not that good for having a meal or chilling out with friends. However, my eyes could get lots of positive stimuli there that cannot gain that much from other places. I even felt that my eyes got healthier when I was there. So I think it was good visiting. But I would not go there again unless my eyes need to be charged by some stimuli. I just like good place to drink because I just want to get drunk and have funny time when I chill out with my friends.

PS: hmm,, I think I need to put some formal writing as well later some time.
PS2: What's wrong with you guys?? Nobody writes a single letter......

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The most expansive cigarette I've ever smoked

Usually, the price of cigarette is around twenty five hundred won(Korean won) a pack in Korea. I choose Marlboro lights, which is packed with gold case, most of times when I buy cigarette and if I can't get Marlboro lights, I choose Dunhill lights as a substitute. Anyway, I think the average cigarette price, twenty five hundred won, is still expansive for me. However, the price of the cigarette I'm going to introduce you is way to extraordinary. Every single smokers and even non-smokers were surprised when I tell them the price of it. The group of people I asked was Korean and US people. Good job reading so far. I'm about to reveal the price. :) When you think about Chinese product, the image of it should be cheap and mass, of course there's expansive product in China which I never saw in Korea. The reason I'm telling you about Chinese product is the cigarette is from China. The price of it is as much as twenty five thousand won A PACK. It's about ten times more expansive than the average price. The name of this luxery cigarette is Furongwang. When I smoke the cigarette, I feel like smoking money. Of course, I didn't buy this expansive cigarette and I never want to buy it. Then How did I get it? My friend gave two packs of it to me after he visit his parents in China.

PS: hmm, 80% of irrelevant story and 20% of the most expansive cigarette story. I don't think it's good writing but I got lots of h/w now and have no time to change it.
PS2: I wrote the price in English, not in number, making you guys difficult to find the price in advance.
PS3: My calculus professor is killing me. Today was second day of actual class and only three days has passed since I first saw my professor. We started from def. of func. yesterday and now we finished to (sinh x) functions and Mean Value Theorem today. I mean we've looked thru 268 pages of freaking CALCULUS BOOK in two days.
PS4:Pics of 'Furongwang'